The social phenomena brought about by online dating has changed our culture. Since 2007, the integration of social networking sites to our lifestyle has also changed the way we interact with people. Then, in 1995, the first online dating websites became popular, and many other such sites were created. Many married people use adult dating apps to find an illicit lover.


We cannot judge

There are many reasons why a married person will go astray. We cannot judge their behavior based on our standards. The difficulty lies in the fact that a contract binds marriage. The agreement between the two parties has a lot of conditions, such as the contract having no expiry, only ending if one party expires. The contract does not require renewal, unlike most agreements. If one person fails to keep to one of the conditions, there are criminal actions that may be applied. One of these laws is that of bigamy, wherein one person cannot be married to two different people at the same time.

Based on love

A marriage contract is based on love and affixes behavioral patterns to both parties. For failure to keep to the terms, there are also financial repercussions. In numerous countries, such as the US, divorce is legal. Yet, these proceedings for a legal separation are costly. To separate from someone does break up not just the couple, but also the children. Perhaps, a married person would like to have an affair, as they do not want the repercussion. There are so many married who have sex on the side, and they still want to keep their commitments.

Wanting secrecy

To have an affair means that secrecy is required because it violates the terms of the marriage contract that requires faithfulness. To have sex with only one partner for the rest of their life is sometimes is an impossibility. There are times that when fighting, which can go on for a long time, people do not want to have sex with each other. There are certain situations such as one partner had a physical or mental health concern that prevents the couple from having sex. There are many reasons why someone who is married wants to play around by using adult dating apps.

Extra-marital sex

Affairs happen for various reasons. To state that it is a phenomenon might be an exaggeration. Extra-marital sex has been happening since the time the contracts were signed. The seemingly rise of affairs is due to the fact that more people do admit to statistical researchers that they have sex on the side. These statistics apply only to a particular area.

Minimal effort

However, the number of people who can get illicit affairs to happen with minimal effort dramatically contributes to the phenomenal rise in statistical data. The ease of getting sex dates is due to apps for adult dating, which is a social phenomenon. The factors that make it possible to get a hookup up fast are the high number of people who join one of the best apps for sex dates, and how convenient it is to use because it is accessed through a mobile device.